Surf School Lahinch, Co. Clare, Ireland

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Teens & Kids Camps

Taking bookings for Summer 2015!!!!

Kids Camp

Over the school holidays surf camps run Monday to Friday with a surf lesson per day. Lessons are progressive so the child's surfing develops over the week. Children start with foam boards in easy waves and move towards bigger waves and different boards. In our small groups safety is high and so is interaction with the coach, who offers loads of encouragement and fun exercises to develop their surf skills. Camps are structured so that children learn something new every day through games and drills, which develop their surfing knowledge while having loads of fun in a safe environment. Contact Ben for more details. 

Teen Camp

Teen camps also run every school holiday, and focus on surfing and getting the best out of the waves, be they beginner surfers or advanced surfers with their own boards. Contact Ben for more details.

Special Advanced Camp

For those interested in surf competitions.

Competition season has started and this course focuses on you getting the best out of your surfing, through quality coaching, lots of water time, drills and video analysis.

Bored with doing the same thing during the holidays? Bens Surf Clinic is the only teen surf camp in Lahinch that can progress your surfing past beginner level, and can even coach you on your own surfboard!

Surf camp consists of a surf lesson a day over five days.

Groups are kept small with only 6 surfers, and the surf lessons are progressive so the learning doesn't stop. We encourage students to bring their own surf boards if they have them, but also provide all the gear. We try to put students of roughly the same surfing standard together so that they learn off each other and progress quicker.

"Ben has been coaching us for the past three years. In that time he has turned us into complete addicts. His lessons are always funny and enjoyable all while learning loads. Whether it be going back to basics like correcting where you lie on the board to catching huge green waves, you know you have improved at the end of each lesson. He has the ability to turn the coldest, windiest days of winter into some of your favourite surfs. You're always being encouraged, advised and get loads of attention as the groups are always kept small. As lessons are done on ability it is a great way to make new surf buddies for after lesson surfs. There is always a happy atmosphere at the van just adding to the epic experience Bens Surf Clinic is. :D " Emma & Eleana Skelly

Contact Ben for more details.

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Advanced Surf Lessons

Advanced Surf Lessons:

Advanced surf lessons with Munsters only Level Three international competive surf coach who has been surf coaching since 1994. 

Surf lessons will be planned around your ability, learning goals and surf conditions. Focus will be on green wave surfing, and working on creating speed and developing manoeuvres. We work either in small groups or one-to-one. 

Surfers should be comfortable in shoulder high waves, and be able to paddle out to the back consistently.   Teaching will be done both in the water and through video analysis sessions. 


Surf Lessons are structured to your needs; however, here is a general lesson sample:

10 minutes chat and surf equipment check with Ben, discussing ability, experience and goals (Fill out self-evaluation sheet).

5 minute white water check on basics, board/ hand position, pop up, etc. Tweak skills if needs be. 

Paddle out and assessment of ability.

Development of skills and awareness (Video analysis if applicable)

Post water: Discussion of session, goals analysis, video anaylsis and future development. 



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Bike Hire

Bike Tours and Bike Hire

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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Lahinch & The Burren

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Intermediate Lessons

Intermediate & Advanced Surf Lessons

At Bens Surf Clinic we are always trying to be innovative in our coaching and are developing a new way of how we run our surf courses. We focus on specific skill sets, for example increasing wave count (which would include board position, hand position, paddle, wave choice and take off position), paddling out (board position, paddling stroke, reading waves/ surf conditions and duck diving), riding green waves, creating speed and using a wave to its maximum.

The course will run over a day and will include some theory sessions.

Participants need to be able to pop up consistently and be comfortable in three foot waves. We  work on reading rips, timing of paddling out, duck diving, positions out back, angle take offs, movement on wave to create speed, manoeuvres, etc.

A weekend intermediate surf clinic consisits of two hours in the water, with no more than 5 in a group. It also includes: 4 Surf Lessons Theory Class Video Analysis Session

Courses run on specific weekends, however if you are interested we will run as long as we have two or more people in a course. Contact us for more details.   
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Adult Week Long Camps

The best way to learn to surf is to give yourself the time!

Week Long Surf Course (Full) Only €250!

Five full days coaching

All equipment (different boards throughout the week)

Theory classes & training drills on specfic skills and vital surf knowledge.

Coaching from top surf coach of 20 years experience in small personal groups. 

We work through a full range of skills in the course from your surf basics topaddling out and riding green waves.


Week Long Surf Course (Half) Only €130!

We cover as much  of the skills we would cover in full week course, however you have recovery time and or time in the water on your own to practice in the water whet you learned on your coaching sessions.

One surf lesson per day for five days with theory and drills.


Want the Full Package? 

5 Surf Lessons plus 4 nights accommodation (dorm room with breakfast) = €220 per person

Click for course dates

Other dates can be arranged as well. Please contact us for requests.

As we are only 45 minutes from Shannon Airport we can arrange pick ups for you for a small fee (Minimum 2 people).

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Weekend Surf Package

Weekend Surf Package

Package Includes: 2 Surf Lessons & 2 Nights Accommodation

Two quality surf sessions for beginners to advanced (use you own board or have all your equipment provided).

Sessions are for two hours in the water, which gives you loads of time to perfect your moves and style.

Accommodation is close to the centre of town. So, it's perfect for early morning or sunset surfs!

*Accommodation depends on availability. 


2 Surfs + 2 Nights = €110

Book your weekend away now!!

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About Us


Bens Surf Clinic was founded by Cathal "Ben" Bennett in 1995. Ben has always had a passion for surfing and also has a flair for teaching.  Combining these qualities, he has become one of Ireland's leading surf instructors. He is the only Level 3 surf instructor in Co. Clare and is also an Internationally recognised surf instructor. 


Ben has worked hard to ensure his staff and surf instructors carry the highest level of knowledge, expertise and professionalism. All of his instructors are at least a Level 2 Surf Instructor (Minimum 2 years instructing experience) and Certified Beach Lifeguards. Safety is the top priority and you will have the best surf instructors in Lahinch. At Ben's Surf Clinic you're in good hands!





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Welcome to Bens Surf Clinic, THE Top Surf School in Lahinch!


Bens Surf Clinic is happy to announce some recent improvements to our surf school! We now have indoor facilities available, which include:

Changing Rooms

Showers (Applies to non-discounted surf lessons)

Indoor climbing, bouldering and archery for high tide and blown out days.

Board Motel - Become a member and store your board, get 3 surf lessons, discounts and much more for only €200 per year.


Bens Surf Clinic.......

A surf school with a difference. Sick of beginner surf lessons where you spend too much time on the beach, in big groups where the instructor barely talks to you? Feel like you are not learning enough or are stuck at a level you can't get past? Well then Ben's Surf Clinic is the surf school for you.


We were the first hard board surf school set up in Ireland and are the top Lahinch surf school because we are different.


We run beginner surf courses, improver surf courses and intermediate and advanced surf courses.


All surf courses are designed to develop your specific surf skills with a view to maximise your enjoyment and progress from your time in the water. 



The Difference 

We teach surfing from start to finish (We focus on more water time, but land time is very specific skill development).

Small surf lesson groups (Max 6 per coach/gp).
Professional full-time surf coaches (ISA Level 2/3).
We teach on the right board for you (Hard and soft boards).
Coaches teach throughout the full surf session.
More water time (Surf lessons are 2 hrs in the water).
Ireland's most experienced surf coach with 21 years surf coaching.
Lahinch surf beach is the best for beginner - advanced surf lessons in Ireland.
1 of only 2 International Surf Association surf coaches in Ireland.